"Here are the fruits, flowers, leaves and branches ..."

This presentation explores the various degrees between abstraction and representation. At one time the intricate mazes and webs of action painters were considered radical. "Vegetable parachutes" hinted at forests, undergrowth, powdery snow. At the same time, the still-life genre reappeared in what were seen as outlandish new forms.

The artists of today, nephews and nieces of the former, find nourishment and roots in this reflexion on nature. Their branches become networks of intricate tracery. Fruits are recognised by their titles alone. Scattered leaves sneak between abstract grids. OFFERING is about games of distance and of proximity, about being inside and outside time. Dates and styles incorporate precursors to the present and to the history of modernity.

According to Klee, the role of art is to make people able to see the flashes of creation, each one enlivening the other, stimulating links and new propositions.