Stéphane La Rue : Flâner et faire surface

The Eloquence of Silence by Laurier Lacroix

I watched carefully the most intimate and modest things, while the sky seemed to rise upwards and tilt deeply downwards.  Robert Walser, The walk, 1917.

To wander. To stroll as in taking your time, moving slowly, aimlessly, following your instincts and desires, going where your steps take you, even stopping. To roam, to let your gaze linger on one detail, then another, to step back to grasp the whole, jump aside, come back, change angle, approach again, wait. The painting can serve as your guide. Your approach is similar to the discreet presence of the artist you will come across. Roaming, a time outside of time, a moment for a decisive encounter.

Stéphane La Rue invites you on a journey and, to do this, he slows the tempo, uses subtleties, plans the details and the differences in order to intrigue and amuse you, to welcome you to a space designed for a leisurely pace. The sound of silence. At first glance, there is little to see. The layout of the Flâneur suite consists of six similar panels coupled three times. Each single painting is joined to its double. The combinations appear as melodious variations. Each plane is of pure white, as if everything had been erased or nothing written down. Yet you are invited to probe the immaculate surfaces. Read more