Gunther House - Excerpts

We had, Betty Goodwin and I, among other affinities, an affection for collectible dolls. To each we assigned identities: Jessica, Gretchen, Bela, Georgina. Betty photographed or drew them and occasionally exhibited them at the gallery.
We were in 1971-72, our budding friendship was becoming stronger, “a real encounter” said Betty.

In 1996, unsurprisingly, some of the dolls reappeared in different, more elaborate roles.

During the renovation of a property in Richmond in the Eastern Townships, literally torn from the walls and the floor and from the attic, new works of my production seemed to tell bits of a story, that of Jessica.  R.B.

For its third performance, the works of “Gunther House – Excerpts” will be presented at the gallery. This time, Roger Bellemare’s  production is accompanied by photos of dolls taken by Goodwin and her own drawings from the gallery’s collection.

These images testify to their friendship and to their affection for these dolls, objects of memory and a kind of Ariadne’s thread within their respective careers as artists.

Every twenty-five years they reappear as a precious testimony to eternal friendship.         C.L.


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