Jacques Marchand


Underlying the work of Marchand is a search for simplicity and integration.  Natural elements are chosen as allies.  Without unwonted force or constraint, their expressive qualities (reflection, grain, transparency, chemistry) work in harmony with intuition like poems in the wind.  Streaks, layers, openwork together celebrate the presence of paint in chords, harmonies, tonalities.  They reside in a measured tempo.  Marchand does not follow arts’ beaten path: Handfuls of sand rain onto his drum-taut canvas.  The onlooker is offered a newly ordered universe.  Concise and imbued with the somewhere else of outreaching reflection and travel, the work of Jacques Marchand deviates from the norm.  His time is never that of the reversible hourglass but rather the precise time of memory which reveals what happens to it and how it is changed.