Lyne Lapointe : From Silk to Porcupine Quills

Curators: Lesley Johnstone and Stéphane La Rue

Entering an artist’s studio is a privileged moment, not only because it offers glimpses of works in progress, but also because we are privy to methods and materials, traces of research and insight into paths not yet explored, and can see works that are about to leave the studio or have recently returned. 

Lyne Lapointe’s studio comprises two large rooms off the house, located up against a pine forest and a mountain, which she shares with her partner Nancy Marcotte in the Eastern Townships. On the 15-acre property are ponds, multiple vegetable gardens protected from deer by homemade (and somewhat makeshift) fences constructed of found wood, and two small cabins: one for guests and the other for storage. It is a truly magical place, and Stéphane La Rue and I feel blessed to be there. This is Stéphane’s first visit, while I have been going for years; but there is still a sense of wonder and discovery every time. 

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