Jocelyne Alloucherie : "A Few Skies"

A few skies are stratified images from an initial exploration for the design of a long cloud. The artwork that will be produced in the future VIAU metro station.

This work, developed over more than two years, opens with a series of clouds recomposed in multiple layers of alternating drawings and photographs.

These clouds have crystallized into various and alternating stratifications, giving the illusion of depth, and sometimes abyssal thickness.

At the same time, the gallery presents a video that has never been seen in Montreal. Geometry 1 is also built as a collage of multiple images. The shots were captured over several years during the winter season, although the account suggests a daily walk taking place from dawn to dusk.

The work draws attention to the current popularity of certain places like historic gardens, once prestigious adornments reserved for royal walks, that have since become green spaces appropriated by people in many ways. The images, shot under almost always crystalline skies, show sharp outlines of plants thus adding poetic and political overtones to the narrative.

There are two versions of Geometry 1 and 2 in which different shots correspond precisely to the same soundtrack. Ideally they would be projected simultaneously but in a blind relationship, from each side of a stepped construction. A model of the construction is also presented at the gallery. It is a kind of "amphitheatre", in the original sense of the Greek term which meant seen from both sides.

Geometry 1, projected here, has been shown several times; at the Bande Vidéo de Québec, at Topographie de l’espace in Paris, at the Center d’art de Kerguéhennec in Brittany. The text was published in its entirety in La Chambre des Ombres, a collection of the artist's writings published by the Center d'art de Kerguéhennec on the occasion of a personal exhibition in 2017. An outdoor  project will accompany this exhibition and overlap it from mid-August to the end of September.

The screening of an unpublished new video work, HOBO, will take place at the artist's studio at 5615 avenue Des Erables on dates and times to be specified later. Included in the event will be the publication of a text by the art critic, Sylvain Campeau.

The political content already present in Geometry is more evident in HOBO.  At the beginning it refers to a lifestyle of North American workers in the 20th century and later becomes a visual narration concerning nomadism and migration.

Like Geometry, HOBO was co-produced with Bande Vidéo, Québec. The studio presentation is supported by a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.