Je vous salue Breton

Surrealism : A Manifesto (1924-2024).

A century later, we blink at the word surrealism; used every which way, the word has lost its revolutionary lustre. The drums have fallen silent.

Surrealism had been with us since Lascaux , the advent of writing, and the Bible when André Breton delivered, in 1924, a sophisticated and poetic unifying statement that was thrown into an uncertain future.

The important Manifesto was preceded and followed by uproar and criticism, occasionally vitriolic, mostly well-intentioned. Since then, permissive associations and modes of though ...literary, visual, cognitive… survive.

Our presentation revisits these echoes linked by an invisible thread that the story leads leads leads, in verses and refrains which, from ear to mouth, from pencil to paper, scatter its contours.

Our exhibition celebrates the centenary of the Surrealist Manifesto and the writer/ poet André Breton, its author.