Rober Racine: Faraway, High in the Night Sky, Earth Shines upon Herself

Third and final part of Lunar Cycle

Since 1999 these three images confront me daily. They’re printed on a small length of photographic paper and glued to cardboard which leans against the base of my desk lamp. Everyday I look at them. When I travel, they come with me.

I placed this card in the showcase. Two small astronaut figurines are examining the three images. These photographs are at the heart of three exhibitions which make up Lunar Cycle : Les Diapasons of Eva Lm (2012) ; The Rotations of Solitude (2013) and now: Faraway, in the Night Sky, Earth Shines upon Herself. (2017).

They pay homage to the astronauts of the Apollo missions 11-12-14-15-16 and 17 and to all those who walked on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.