Jérôme Bouchard et Mathieu Gaudet: "The Scale of Things"

The Scale of Things“ brings together works by Jérôme Bouchard and Mathieu Gaudet. Both Montreal artists are interested in the phenomena of visual perception, the processes of extraction, and the relationship between the human body and movement. The works in this exhibition were first presented in the fall of 2018 at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo.

With this joint exhibition, Jérôme Bouchard and Mathieu Gaudet are questioning the process of perception. Body presence is as significant in the materiality of the works themselves as in our manner of approaching them. While there is an initial impression of static presences , this is rapidly replaced by a sense of movement in space as the forms reveal themselves. By reversing our gaze, by shifting our notions of back and forth, and by depending upon our own movements, Gaudet and Bouchard cause us to confuse our understanding of scale. It is not a question of simply varying formats, but rather of adopting complex procedures to create the forms. The works undergo multiple transformations as they come into being: to speak of the indefinable, such forms must be created.     Claudine Hubert