Jocelyne Alloucherie at the MMFA

Ecologies, A Song for Our Planet
An exhibition organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
Curator: Iris Amizlev, Curator of Intercultural Arts, MMFA

From March 10th 2021 to February 27th 2022
Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavillon

The word “ecology” evokes visions of thriving ecosystems teeming with an abundant variety of species coexisting in diverse habitats. However, the term is also tainted by negative associations with an unprecedented environmental crisis that is impacting living systems. While the detrimental consequences of human activity are widespread, it is populations living symbiotically with the natural world that are the most adversely affected. In Canada, as in other countries with a history of colonization, the issue of environmental injustice is inextricably linked to the sufferings of Indigenous peoples.

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