Rober Racine: “Le livre des constellations, Charles Gagnon et l’univers”

"The Book of Constellations, Charles Gagnon and the Universe" is a tribute to the passion for space exploration of Quebec multidisciplinary artist Charles Gagnon (1934-2003).

8 light boxes, like so many stained glass windows, offer a meditative vision of the universe and the space adventure. In all, there are 1816 slides that once belonged to Charles Gagnon, revealing a canopy of space through the miniature facets of a cosmic mosaic.

The slides show, among other things, the various space shuttles (take-offs and landings during the day and night), flights in orbit, astronaut space walks, various constellations, planets, galaxies, nebulae, space installations, astronauts working at the International Space Station, the MIR station, satellite deployments, control rooms in Houston and Cape Canaveral, as well as sci-fi excerpts including "2001 A Space Odyssey", “Star Trek II”, “The Andromeda Strain “, “Saturn 3”, “Silent Running”.

Charles Gagnon chose these images for their evocative power and their pictorial qualities; colours, contrasts, sculptural forms and body movements.