Nothing Less

This exhibition would not have seen the light of day had not its opposite « More… » existed: more means, more flexibility, more talent, more time, more luck etc., each direction generating its own frustrations and new beginnings, like the hydra with its ongoing growth of new heads.

From the chaos of plentitude came the idea of exploring smallness, the same path taken by Thumbelina who followed breadcrumbs to find her way home.  Minimal and zen, words much over-used to denote « less is more », an idiomatic and ambitious phrase.

To be guided by the essence of things is not as easy as it seems. It is similar to voluntary simplicity.  When it becomes a necessity, it’s best to go along with it. Given a choice between the most and the worst, it’s best to choose the least.  There you have it!

Christian Lambert and myself hope to celebrate a diminuendo of forms, the discrete palette while maintaining the rigour of simply addressed topics.

A rich materiality was offered to us. Without wishing to prove a point, our exhibition shows an unusual diversity with regards to figuration and its current excesses.