Jocelyne Alloucherie: "Thresholds"

... as seen from my location in the studio, this place where I strive every day to cross a border. Unsteadily, with some trepidation, I seek to go beyond what has already been explored, towards unimagined landscapes.

Drawings are built by an insistence on the horizontal or the vertical, that is, repetitive gestures until a ridge appears behind or in front of another ridge. This emerges as a topography where I can identify and gradually compose the related differences according to oppositions and similarities.

In my photography, I always try to avoid that which is overtly real while retaining the full potential for evocation. It is by repetition and the use of multiple layers that a cloud, three times distant but also very close, can be even more remote when it is displayed on a pedestal.

Sculptures begin as handmade small-scale geometric forms until my gaze recognizes them and then I can crystallize them into confrontational masses in space. Finally, they become only these frames, occasionally without even a contained image, that open towards a single vanishing point.

J. Alloucherie